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Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how to put your website in front of more targeted prospects in Search to drive phenomenal business growth in Houston. We work with SMBs in Houston and contractors serving Houston and the surrounding areas, to achieve prime positioning in the Google 3-pack, which is the top three search results that are based in part on geolocation. This is how your company can be returned for Search queries that demand a local listing result.

We are Your Houston SEO Expert Service for Ranking locally

With us in your corner, your business can start to benefit from highly targeted website traffic that results in quality leads flowing or your phone ringing without using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, for which the costs can get crazy expensive for SEO, Houston!

Local businesses (mostly) turn to pay-per-click advertising because achieving top placements is difficult. Most SEO advice focuses on optimizing the content of a page while making some slight adjustments in the back-end by including Schema Rich Text Markup. That used to work, but in today’s competitive landscape for local listings in Houston, SEO for local businesses needs to go further and that’s what Creative HTX helps you do. Go further than your competitors so you can win prominent placements for tightly targeted keyword phrases in local search engine results pages (SERPS).

Our SEO Experts provide top-notch service to optimize your Houston Web Design project, and provide a stellar Google My Business Optimization service, and optimize your listing for Maps. We raise the bar further by optimizing your business listings profiles elsewhere, such as on review platforms and social media to ensure every piece of data that engines can interpret is the same across every business listing your local company has claimed.

Once we put a solid foundation in place, we then work tirelessly to maintain organic listings by being strategic about how we build links using only best-practice SEO techniques so your website is only sending high-quality signals to search sites, signaling that your website is authentic, credible and worthy of being ranked in the highly sought-after position #1 placed prominently above every organic listing.

Any business in Houston, TX, can benefit from our Local SEO Services.


Local-to-Houston SEO Experts that Work with Various Rich Text Markup

Our team knows website design, SEO, and the markup languages that matter for SEO. It doesn’t matter if you trade time for money or sell products at scale; SEO can grow your business. If your business has a website and operates in Houston, SEO is what you need to focus on to improve your bottom-line metrics.

With our in-house SEO experts at your disposal, you won’t ever need to scratch your head in frustration at the markup needed for search engines to interpret your website. To increase the value of markup in terms of the referral traffic your website receives, our team can help implement structured data markup (used by Google) and Open Graph meta tags, which are used by the larger social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Open Graph is what’s used on social media to pull the image on your web page when the URL is shared on social media, along with the description text shown below the image. Marking up your web pages with Open Graph meta tags gives you complete control over the thumbnail image shared on social media, the title that’s used, and the description of your web page when viewed on Facebook and similar networks. The more shares your website gets, the better its SEO performance.

Before you launch any paid media marketing for terms including “Houston” (SEO or Sponsored Ads), definitely consider investing in professional services for optimization. SEO for websites and business pages on social platforms can be optimized for bots to get all the pertinent info about your business using markup that’s designed for robots without negatively impacting readability.

Search engine optimization for organic search listings requires a Structured Data Markup language. To mark your content up with Rich Snippets, you can use the Structured Data Markup Helper by Google. To make sure all your meta tags remain consistent, the source code of web pages can be marked up using the Open Graph Protocol.

Whilst OGP is not used by search engines, search bots do crawl social media content, so having your business website marked up for Facebook where you list your local business in the right category and the same city in Houston that matches your Google listing NAP (name, address, phone number) details, it keeps your company consistent across all platforms. It’s also something that would need rectifying if you were to move location as an inconsistency could be problematic for your business. Our local SEO agency can help update NAP listings when required. Our SEO Experts can either work with your web developers or add the markup required on a new Web Design.

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How You Acquire Reviews Can Affect Your SEO

Search engines give some weight to a business’s cumulative review scores. There are many review platforms, and you can choose to use any or multiple.

Review sites use Rich Snippets so your scores can be interpreted by search queries. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns can benefit from using larger review platforms with a higher user base as it can speed up the process for acquiring reviews. For the most part, it’s best to focus on acquiring Google reviews as those are directly integrated within your Google My Business listing shown on the SERPS, helping to increase CTR (click-through-rate). However, depending on your sector, it may be more appropriate to use an industry-specific review platform for SEO purposes.

It is best is to use review sites that are frequented by potential customers as these platforms can provide warm leads for your business. As an experienced SEO agency in Houston, we focus first and foremost on the needs of the business, which is traffic generation, but we keep a heavy focus on what we do toward SEO to achieve sustainable performance with consistent organic growth. How your business solicits reviews can affect your website’s search engine optimization because if you breach the review website’s terms of service, they can remove the profile, and that’s when your SEO will tank.

A profile takedown with thousands of reviews suddenly disappearing will have a negative impact on SEO. Listings may bounce back, but it’s going to take time, and some work to put right as the cumulative review score would drastically lower, and that’s the part that affects your SEO. Houston businesses that partner with the Creative HTX team can rest easy knowing our team are familiar with the TOS of all the major review platforms and their guidelines and always keep our clients within those guidelines to ensure there’s no risk of losing your profile. For an experienced and local SEO agency in Houston, TX, that you can trust Creative HTX! 

The 3 Types of Local SEO Houston Businesses Need to Know About

Some SEO Companies (Houston or a national SEO agency) specialize in one type of SEO only. At Creative HTX of Houston, SEO is now integrated into our Houston web design packages and covers all types of SEO. Those are:

On-page seo

Phase One (Once per-page)

Technical SEO

Phase Two (Continuous)

off-site seo

Phase Three (Continuous)


On-page SEO is where many companies can make fast improvements, especially in metroplex areas like Houston, as it focuses solely on the content of a web page. This includes any videos and other graphics used within the page. The foundation of on-page SEO is optimizing the content for a specific keyword phrase and related search terms people use to find your products or services as search engines use what’s called Latent Semantic Indexing. All this means is they use related terms in your copy, so you don’t need to be spamming the same keyword phrase throughout your page repeatedly to the extent it becomes unreadable.


Technical SEO is where companies without SEO expertise need the most help. The technical aspects include the following:

  • Dynamic web design (meaning the web design is mobile-friendly).
  • Content can be indexed (this is controlled by your websites robots.txt file).
  • Your site’s architecture, which should be considered at the web design stage as this is the element that affects your website’s user experience.


Off-site SEO relates to the trustworthiness of your website. The signals are analyzed from links pointing to your domain and inner pages. The anchor text matters as it shouldn’t all be the same keywords, such as “yoursite[dot]com/Houston-SEO” using the anchor text “Houston SEO” to link to that page on every occasion. That would wind up over-optimizing the backlink profile. The purpose of those links is for search engines to quantify the value of a link. Too much of the same can lead to penalties.

on-page optimization

Provided the right markup is used, local SEO digital marketing can take advantage of smartphone GPS as your Google Business Listing has your geographic location and that’s then used on the “near me” search queries of users to show them the closest * that they searched for. (* is a wildcard search operator like a fill-in-the-blank).

Similar to how Structured Data Markup helps search engines know what a web page is about, the meta details coded into the source code of a web page spell out to search engines what each element of your web page is about.

The most prominent aspect of on-page SEO is to use appropriate heading tags. (H1, H2, H3, etc.), and image alt (alternative-text) tags, which are used to describe an image.

To give you an example of alt text being used to describe an image of an office building:

“Photo: This is a photo from inside our office in Houston. SEO experts are hard at work conducting an SEO audit for a local business site.”

Naturally, that description would only apply where it was a true representation of the image. The alt text tag is an important part of accessible web design as it’s this text that’s read aloud by screen readers used by the visually impaired.

Another aspect of on-page SEO is the meta descriptions. These should be used to provide the snippet of the information shown on the search engine results pages (SERPs), however, these aren’t as important as image alt tags. If meta details haven’t been customized to the content of each web page, there is potential for some quick wins by optimizing the on-page content.

technical search optimization

The four key areas that need addressing within the architecture of a website for SEO are:

1) Having Simple URLs

Shorter is better so yoursite[dot]com/contact is better than yoursite[dot]com/contact-an-agent-today.

2) Include a Sitemap

A sitemap is needed for search crawlers to know what parts of your website to crawl and the priority to give each page. On sites with a blog, the blog page should have the highest priority for crawlers, as that’s where your newest content to be indexed will be.

3) Web Page Navigation

The internal links you use to direct visitors around your site and the relevance of the anchor text used to describe the pages you’re linking to are factors in search engine optimization (SEO). These help both readers and search bots/user agents better navigate the site.

4) Site and Web Page Load Time

Each page should load fast, as in under two seconds. Waiting for a web page to load is not good user experience, so steps should always be taken to improve page load time. Speed is negatively impacted by image-heavy web pages, which may need the sizes compressed to speed up the load time.

Every award-winning site is feature-packed with technical SEO work. As an expert SEO agency in Houston, our team handles the trio of SEO offerings.

Off-page SEO

Off-site SEO relates to the trustworthiness of your website. The signals are analyzed from links pointing to your domain and inner pages. The anchor text matters as it shouldn’t all be the same keywords, such as “yoursite[dot]com/Houston-SEO using the anchor text “Houston SEO” to link to that page on every occasion. That would wind up over-optimizing the backlink profile. The purpose of those links is for search engines to quantify the value of a link. Too much of the same can lead to penalties.

Earned links are given the most weight. They are a vote of confidence in the quality of your site, your business, and your credibility. Guidance issued in September 2019 further increases the attribution markup language used to label the type of link being inserted into the content. As an example, a sponsored guest post, which is when you pay to publish on another site, such as a trading blog, the link to your site should now be marked with the label rel=” sponsored.”

Even in cases where the money isn’t being exchanged, such as if you’re using guest posting, Google would prefer to know whether that link on the post going to your site is earned naturally, such as a news story being shared on industry blogs or if you’ve made arrangements with another publisher to write about your company.

Another new linking type is rel=”ugc” which signals to Google that the content is user-generated-content, such as links appearing in your blog comments. These should be nofollow anyway, at least to prevent spammers from blasting links in your comments area causing your site to link out to bad neighborhoods, which aren’t good for SEO.

Off-site SEO is the most difficult part of any search engine optimization campaign as different types of links and the attribution used for them, such as nofollow, dofollow, sponsored, and ugc, are all given different weights by search providers. Naturally, none of the search engine companies will reveal their ranking factors, but they do give cues about what helps them crawl websites efficiently. The more effectively a user agent can crawl a website, the better able the search engine is to rank pages based on what we know factor into ranking stats, including:


Relevant content to search terms


The trustworthiness of a domain


Cumulative backlink credibility

Our SEO services yield terrific results locally as our expertise is Houston SEO using best practices for Local Search Marketing (LSM). We know the domains to analyze and the ones that aren’t really competitors in the search engines, such as gigantic e-commerce stores that rank for high buyer intent keyword phrases. For a competitive analysis for SEO, Houston business owners can request an audit to identify what improvements would help improve search engine placements or make your pages more tightly targeted to the keyword phrases being used in pay per click advertising campaigns. 

Our SEO auditing services can uncover what sites are linking to your biggest competitor(s) and why such as if they’re using an affiliate program in which case those are monetary links (rel=”sponsored”) whereas the rel=”dofollow” are the links given the most weight. Whether the links are tagged correctly or not won’t matter as our manual reviews ensure we identify the correct type of link in an SEO analysis to get a true assessment of your real competition. The data we uncover let us get strategic about earning the same quality of backlink or with better metrics to outsmart competitors.

No matter the type of business you manage in Houston, SEO is a core part of our digital marketing services and the foundation of our Houston website design packages. Speed, minimalist coding, rich text markup, shortened URLs, cross-browser compatibility, and compressed images are only part of the service we do for businesses in Houston. SEO is time-consuming and needs in-depth knowledge to understand what to implement and when. Our team has been implementing search engine optimization since our founding days in 2005. Today, we just do a lot more of it, and our team has got better at it too.

As a full-suite design, social media marketing, and SEO agency, our expertise is pivotal to Houston businesses needing to increase their online presence, and in particular, visibility within Search. Take advantage of our knowledge of Houston, SEO, Web Design, and social media marketing with branded digital assets that help your business acquire links naturally. Whatever type of marketing services your business needs help with, contact Creative HTX for a free consult and more information about the services we offer local clients throughout Houston and surrounding areas. At Creative HTX, we take a data-driven approach to help local businesses in Houston get listed where it matters most, then maximize their visibility online.

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