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Creative HTX is one of the fast up-and-coming agencies that offer Digital Marketing Houston has available. We offer a full service of inbound marketing initiatives, each contributing to positive search engine optimization results and, ultimately, higher brand visibility online, leading to more warm inbound leads and an all-around better consumer experience.

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While there are numerous advertising agencies in Houston, few can offer a diverse range of digital marketing campaigns the Creative HTX team can create that are tailored to meet the individual KPIs of clients. As an example, our Houston SEO (search engine optimization) team works with our Houston Web Design team to increase referral traffic and time-on-site to ensure we reach people with quality content that attracts and engages.

As a full-service advertising agency in Houston, we can help your business grow via a combination of social media marketing, pay per click campaigns, native advertising, search engine optimization, and web design with custom landing pages to support the goal of every campaign we conduct on your behalf. With our support as a full-service digital marketing agency, Houston based businesses can experience exponential growth both locally and beyond. Let us help your business connect and engage with your target audience.

Scroll below to see the individual digital marketing services we offer to business owners in Houston.

Digital Marketing Services for Houston Businesses

Our digital marketing covers an array of advertising solutions, and we can tailor our services to meet the most demanding of marketing budgets. Our primary clientele is small-to-medium firms in the Houston metroplex, including medical firms such as dentists and chiropractors, engineering clients, law firms, and construction firms.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing uses paid placement to appear prominently at the top of local search results for consumers searching keyword phrases for a Houston business. It can also be useful to use pay per click advertising using geolocation data as that has the potential to increase footfall to stores. Depending on your company goals, there are different platforms with various audiences. The most used are Google Adwords as that encompasses the broad range of services provided by Google, including their Search network, Display network of advertisers, and the ads that appear in Gmail and Youtube.

Whilst search marketing is primarily geared towards appearing at the top of the search, it can support brand continuity campaigns using other forms of digital marketing, whether content marketing, video marketing, or influencer marketing.

Creative HTX can assist in a broad range of Search Engine Marketing campaigns for Google AdWords and Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads), and Verizon Media’s Gemini ads platform (formerly the Yahoo Ads Network). Another pay per click channels that may be worth exploring is paid ads on Facebook, Twitter or sponsored outreach on LinkedIn targeted towards only people within Houston, TX, making your campaigns more budget-friendly.

Digital marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing in the broadest sense covers every type of digital media you’d create to market your business online. The most common are:

Blog Content

Have our content writers create compelling blog posts across all your online media platforms. This includes your own blog and guest blog content. To find potential publishing partners, you can search the following phrase without the quotes, replacing the word “term” with your industry, such as fitness or health.

(inurl:houston, inurl:blog term) An example: (inurl:houston inurl:blog “wedding cakes”)

The results are a list of bakeries in Houston that cater to weddings. For any business in the wedding industry, there’s likely to be crossover ideas that could be shared on a baker’s blog to reach their audience and be shared on their social channels too.

Ebooks and Whitepapers

Strengthen your brand with well-written marketing to boost your brand awareness on multiple channels. Both are technically ebooks as they’re delivered to prospects as PDF files by email.  Content marketing funnel has three tiers. Blogs are on the bottom rung as they are for increasing brand awareness, but not directly improving conversions. Ebooks and whitepapers are used for lead generation. For these types of content marketing materials, we can help strengthen copy and create bespoke visuals to compliment your sales materials and maintain brand continuity in marketing materials in line with your web design color scheme and brand style guide. 


Harness the power of graphic design and lead your customers on a visual journey on your platforms. There are right and wrong ways to do Digital Marketing with infographics. Years ago, when this media format was all the rage, it was done to death. With the broad range of image software, a visual how-to can be done by anyone, regardless of skill.

Where infographics outshine other media formats is in data-backed-storytelling. It’s the preferred media format of journalists. Infographics can really bolster a digital marketing campaign as these are highly shareable digital assets that will be, of course, branded with your business logo.

Infographics are praised by marketers for their ability to win high-quality back-links needed for search engine optimization. To gain fast marketing momentum, quality infographics can get a bump by using pay per click advertising to promote on social media as images get more social shares than text.


Create compelling content


Strengthen your brand authority


Harness the power of design

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The majority of small businesses, not just those in Houston, TX, but worldwide, fail to use social media marketing to its fullest potential. Where we see clients go wrong is starting without the tools for the job. Every social media marketing agency has a Rolodex of tools at their disposal. Some are more efficient than others.

The role of the tools used by a marketing agency should not be solely to automate marketing. The purpose is to help manage campaigns, speed up replies for customer service, and monitor KPIs.

Without your marketing agency using the right tools to manage the size of the campaign you need, things get tricky.

Trying to juggle Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and quite possibly marketing on Quora and Reddit too, there are far too many to do without technical assistance. Managing accounts individually is impossible.

For social media marketing and customer service, what companies need to adopt are the tools and the skills to use them so they can implement social media marketing initiatives that achieve results. Social inboxes are software programs that integrate with all the major social networks letting you collate together each inbox into the one platform enabling your team to respond to messages without logging in and out of multiple channels. You can use these tools to schedule your posting on multiple networks too.

The best use of social media marketing is to extend your customer service, reward loyalty, and increase awareness, but where most brands don’t go far enough is championing their lead generation campaigns so they can own their email list rather than renting space on someone else’s turf.

Of all the Houston advertising agencies there are, few are equipped with the skills and tools to build an audience and integrate digital marketing to use social media marketing for lead generation, rather than just building an audience away from your own Business Website.

Creative HTX is ultimately a results-focused Houston advertising agency. Our priority is always to work with CEOs, founders, and marketing managers to work towards achieving the marketing goals of a business.

social media marketing

native advertising

Native ads are favored over banner advertising as they are far more engaging. Few advertising agencies (Houston and elsewhere), go beyond social and search marketing. At Creative HTX, we partner with the most suitable ad network that can reach our client’s target audience. For Pay Per Click Campaigns, it’s imperative to advertise on the right network that can put your ads in front of the right eyeballs. That’s not always going to be Google and Facebook.

online public relations

Just like in the offline publishing world, to appear in the local press, you’d connect with a local reporter that could cover your story. In the online world, brands and marketers can connect with journalists on social media or use sites specifically to connect with reporters (HARO: Help a Reporter Out), which can help get media coverage. Reporter outreach can be done online via social platforms, most notably, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Another way to increase a brand’s Public Relations online is to engage in review platforms.

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing uses multiple digital marketing strategies, all geared towards increasing brand awareness and directing leads to a website. Our web design team collaborates to create custom landing pages, such as those used to give away free downloads, recipe cards, swag items, or other promo material used to increase conversions.

A professional web design boosts the load time speed of landing pages, and that can lower the cost per click on paid promotions. Additionally, the technical SEO aspects of web design we implement are a factor for search engine optimization too. Inbound marketing is primarily geared toward increasing organic traffic to your website or landing page. However, we can combine multiple digital marketing channels, including paid and free methods to increase the visibility of a business website in Houston, TX.

Creative HTX specializes in Houston Website Design and search engine optimization and can deliver results using pay per click marketing alongside inbound marketing to increase leads, boost your brand visibility online and help you connect with different target audiences locally, whether that be marketing directly to consumers or attracting media attention in town by reaching out to local journalists that write for your local newspaper. Whatever you need from a local marketing agency, Creative HTX has you covered. From web design for growing businesses to full-scale marketing campaigns to get your site increasing revenue for your business.  We also offer Graphic Design Houston clients can benefit from for their campaigns.

Digital is what we do, and we work with multiple local businesses, including professional service business owners, offline stores needing an online presence built, and digital marketing used to increase business.  Businesses who need App Development, please follow the link below.

website design

WordPress based responsive website design made SEO ready for clients that want to communicate their services.

digital marketing

Our Digital Marketing Services are designed to increase your presence on local searches.

Graphic Design

It all begins with imagination, we offer complete graphic services that include digital printing and production services.

app development

We create custom apps for small businesses to improve business processes and quality for local clients.

Design Studio

Creative HTX is a complete one-stop Design Studio offering clients Web, SEO, Marketing, and Graphic Services. 

local seo

We help local small businesses rank on search engines for their key terms, and niche services.

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