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Houstonians look at their phones more than they do their email. If you have a business in Houston, mobile app development is the next logical step to push your brand to the next level. The pace of mobile app development is accelerating at a rapid pace. A few years back, app developers were working solely for huge enterprises with massive budgets to invest in a brand’s mobile strategy. Today, the app development market across the United States has matured. The rise of MBaaS (Mobile-back-end-as-a-service) has lowered custom software development costs significantly, as has open source technology, cloud storage, and data security.

Houston Mobile App Developers

For too long, app developers have ignored the small-and-emerging business sector, focusing instead on building custom software for corporations. For growing companies in Houston, our team at Creative HTX consists of web and graphic designers collaborating with our app developers. Houston businesses partnering with us are able to meet some of the most challenging goals on their agenda that they know will contribute to the growth of the company, but lack the resources to get there.

Our app development team in Houston, Texas, is the creative solution providers and business enablers for small businesses to grow through technology.

We go above and beyond to understand the goals of your business, build compatible apps with brand continuity in mind, and take care of the technical complexities software development can throw your way. Our app development service is primarily geared towards established Houston businesses that don’t have the in-house technical expertise to build their own mobile app.

Our mobile app development service is not only for our technical expertise in building custom software but also as brand strategists you can call on locally to find out the types of marketing collateral and ways to market your business using an app.

Creative HTX has 15-years of experience in website design, Houston SEO, and software development. As a creative marketing agency in Houston, app development is one of our stronger services that local businesses use to cement their presence online and often add another customer acquisition channel.

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Business App development for Process Improvements

A number of businesses are seeing overheads increase with subscription-based apps that are used for internal communications among team members and for process improvements within your business. If you have a need for any application to help improve your business processes, consult with our team. We are experienced in building custom applications to meet a number of objectives, some to reach customers, others to improve internal processes.


Custom content management systems


Multiplatform design + functionality

UX / UI design

Intelligent user experience design


Adaptable, and free from human error

Mobile App Development for Strategic Marketing Initiatives

Our mobile app development team is an integral part of marketing campaigns that take a mobile-centric approach. We help our clients through every stage of the app development process, from initial brainstorming to problem-solving, and custom coding integrations to make feature-packed apps. Houston businesses that partner with us are partnering with a marketing and technology business with a firm grasp on creative solutions for web development and app development. Our mobile apps can be designed to integrate with websites as well as APIs of 3rd party applications such as social media integrations, the payment gateway your company uses, enabling in-app transactions as well as syncing those transactions with cloud accounting software, helping to keep track of stock inventory.


The Top Mobile App Development Team for SMBs in Houston, Texas

For app development, SMBs only have a few options. Take a DIY approach, hire in-house tech expertise, or outsource to an app development pro. Creative HTX is based in Houston, Texas, giving our team an authentic insight into digital marketing that can’t be found from out-of-state app developers. By partnering with our mobile app developers in Houston, you’ll benefit from our collective local expertise of web and mobile app development to meet the needs of your local community, offering up technical solutions to deliver feature-packed apps that Houstonians will use repeatedly.

As a Houston website design company, mobile app developers play a pivotal role in lowering the cost of customer acquisition and, most importantly, adding revenue to your business through in-app purchases. We have experience in listing custom apps in the Android App Marketplace, as well on the App Store. The most popular platform for app developers in Houston, focusing on the B2C market, is the Android App. Mobile app development for an Android app is popular due to the ability to log-in with existing credentials for either Google (Gmail) or Facebook sign-in options. Both options give your business privileged access to user’s smartphones, allowing you to push notifications on devices without the app needing to be opened.

The best part of the app approach is that trust is already partially established by having your app listed on familiar marketplaces. Considering studies in the United States have revealed that people check their phones as often as 58 times per day, push notifications will get your messages in front of customers while they’re on the go. When combined with email marketing, digital, and print marketing for special events or flash sales, local companies can see considerable increases in conversion metrics.

With today’s marketing era having billions of users on mobile, app development is the smart move for businesses to capitalize on mobile marketing. We’re not talking about yesteryears QR code that would redirect to a website. Today’s app market is far more sophisticated. People can shop in-app, browse e-commerce stores, read PDFs like a take-aways’ new menu, view special offer leaflets that would usually be flyers distributed by mail drop… all from right within an app on a phone, tablet, or electronic notebook.


Allow your business to streamline complex processes and create optimized results resulting in higher efficiency.


Empower your team to grow with full transparency and avoid bottlenecks that become visible once its too late.



Business process optimization and improvement results in a large reduction of cost and labor.


Eliminate outdated systems. Continuously improve your business operations with technology.

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Mobile App developement

We help you do that cost-effectively! An app without rewards risks not being used by your customers. The simplest way to overcome this barrier is to use a loyalty program right within your app. Rewards can be anything from collecting points, earning badges, free gifts, or early samples of new lines about to be rolled out by your company.

Our team can work with you to integrate any type of loyalty program your business currently runs or go through various options, along with a cost analysis of what it could be to run the program. In all cases, in-app loyalty programs are how to increase customer engagement and customer retention, which ultimately lowers the cost of acquisition, as it naturally increases your businesses word of mouth referral marketing. Or it should. The only way to get word of mouth referrals increased by having an app is to ensure that it is first and foremost, user-friendly.

Our development team is meticulous in testing to ensure every app we custom build for our client’s works glitch-free before being rolled out. On larger apps with multiple features, we can work with clients on staged rollouts with select customers to beta test the app prior to a full launch. 

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Consumer reviews are becoming (or already are) the bedrock of marketing. If you look at a side-by-side comparison of two businesses in the same space, one has thousands of reviews, and the other has fifteen, guess what company’s website is going to be viewed…

The one that’s clearly more popular. In the age of e-commerce, people are aware of scam websites and do not want to be the first to discover a company isn’t who they say they are.

Reviews help your company build trust, and our app development group can help you get more reviews by making it tap-simple for customers to leave you feedback publicly. Where in-app reviews are being solicited, our development team are skilled at in-app sign-posting, which is essentially ensuring your users can easily navigate the app so they can reach support, find your helpdesk, or we can add your YouTube channel URL with a mobile-friendly display to show your customers instructional videos.

Our Houston app developers are skilled at understanding the commercial needs of business and aligning them with consumer demands ensuring consumers get a great experience in-app and businesses benefit with increased customer engagement, more positive reviews, speedier customer service, and the ability to get new products into the market faster by pushing launch marketing campaigns directly onto the mobiles of existing customers with special offers before being released to the general public at full price.

For any business with a customer base in Houston, Texas, that needs a mobile app development team to help reach any business objective requiring technology and marketing expertise, make Creative HTX your first call.

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