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The City of Houston is a bustling commercial hub, yet a significant number of companies could be far more lucrative with just a marginal investment in web designing. Houston ranked #4 in Ten-X’s Commercial Real Estate List in 2019, showing that Houstonians will spend locally where they can. For any type of business in Houston, Web Design by Creative HTX will help you reach more local customers!

Experienced Web Designers

For customers looking for Website Design, Houston offers a plethora of options for Developers, Marketers, and Designers. Our unique approach combines these separate skillsets into a single manageable, accountable, and proven service.

A Website should not be separate from its SEO efforts, or Branding similarly should work with custom applications created for a business. Far too often, specialists only focused on their role rather than the full scope, this can cause unaccountability and bottlenecks for a small business. Creative HTX is here to design and maintain all your digital platforms, and rank your business on Search Engines.


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Web Design With Specialist Optimization Knowledge

Businesses can benefit tremendously from our local knowledge of web design, and the psychological triggers that can be incorporated into brand design. Done right, your new website can increase footfall by incorporating local SEO to its fullest potential.

Where most businesses get this wrong is only focusing on getting the most NAP (Name, Address, Phone numbers) listings in local citation directories such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, Yelp, and many more online directories.

Creative HTX helps local businesses in Houston get the most from local map listings by designing the website with best-practice SEO from the get-go ensuring every page on your site loads fast, includes your NAP details prominently site-wide, ensuring both people and algorithms get the information they need about your company fast and easily.

SEO is not only about the copy you use on your sales pages, about page, or product and service descriptions. A huge part of optimization is integrated into the back-end of your site.

For robust solutions over the long-term, your web design company should be working with you to assess what you need your website to do, including knowing ahead of time about all 3rd party integrations you would need a new website to be compatible with, whether for taking bookings online, adding shopping cart technology, or just integrating with social media.

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Web Design for User-Experience

It doesn’t matter whether your website serves only Houston, or is based in Houston serving a national or global audience, the best website design always boils down to building the website from a user-first perspective. A website designer can design gorgeous color palettes, present you with a trendy looking mood board, create custom typography, and use every other trick in the visual design handbook, but it’ll all be meaningless if the website design comes before user-experience, otherwise referred to as UX Web Design. 

Creative HTX is your go-to web design studio to create user-centric websites with a creative flair!

Responsive Website Design

You may be surprised to know that it doesn’t take a huge budget to create advertising material that uses a blend of digital and print. It’s a result of being selective with the design tools used.

At Creative HTX of Houston, designers are competent in using sophisticated website design tools, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Sketch. With a broad range of tools at our disposal and the skills to make the most out of them, our website design service can cover a broad range of brand assets, including branded print material such as flyers, stationery, cards, sales presentation kits, full-color brochures and look-books that can showcase before and after photoshoots for the likes of dental websites, personal trainer sites, fitness club websites, and other types of marketing material for the cosmetics sector.

A solid website design that carries through to your advertising materials shared across all digital and print channels could be the solution to propel your company to the next level.

Consumer Orientated And B2B Focused Web Design for Small Businesses

No matter whether your company is selling products or providing a service, Creative HTX can deliver a unique website design that encapsulates your brand. With the expert assistance of our in-house web designers, Houston business owners can get a leg up on the strong local competition to develop a bespoke new website design to act as the foundation for your future online marketing campaigns.

Our website designers are experienced in building gorgeous e-commerce websites as well as developing a new website for smaller businesses including law firms, commercial contractors, medical firms, and engineering companies. Regardless of whether you need an e-commerce website design or a service website to automate appointment booking, our local-to-Houston web designers are on-hand to help you get ahead online.

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One-Stop for Houston Web Design and Marketing

Our agency was founded in 2005 as a specialist Houston Web Design business. In the years since our brand has grown into a full-suite website design and marketing agency serving the local needs of businesses in Houston.

Web design is at the core of our services, but beyond website design, we cater to multiple types of digital campaigns, including a website rebrand, visuals for marketing campaigns, custom logo design, and vector images of product photos to showcase your inventory on your website in the best light.

In addition to our marketing and branding kit designs, we also cover all print materials. On offer now is a bespoke Rolodex of marketing services for small-to-medium sized businesses in Houston. Web design is where we started as a company, and it’s the service most suited to startups.

Whether you need a new website built or an existing website updated with modern aesthetics and functionality, Creative HTX can help. A list of our services is detailed below. If you need a service that isn’t listed, please email us at info[at]CreativeHTX.com for a free consult and/or a custom quote for a tailored service.

Our Website Design and Marketing Services

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Web Design

For any type of business in Houston, web design by us is your first step towards establishing a local presence online. We highly recommend this for startups in Houston. Existing business owners can rest assure we specialize in WordPress and can develop an online solution your business needs on your existing WordPress platform. 

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search engine optimization

Expanding beyond our web design services, our team has built up an extensive knowledge of SEO. We specialize in creating listings for Houston businesses and know how to optimize all digital profiles for the highest visibility online. Our SEO service encompasses both the web design and matching visuals to extend your brand on all platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp, which helps with brand continuity when using omnichannel marketing as this contributes massively towards SEO. Learn more about our Houston SEO Services.

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Digital Marketing

The foundation of every marketing campaign is engaging with your target customers. We help our clients do that by creating visual blog posts that use brand continuity and encourage social sharing. The more your brands’ content and visual assets are shared online, the more momentum your small business gains. Branded content that’s highly visual has been the backbone of some of the highest-profile award-winning campaigns, and it’s this type of marketing that takes a small business to the next level. Learn more about our Houston Marketing Services.

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Graphic design

All websites need visuals. It’s the best (and only) way to quickly improve the readability of your website pages. For those with your own photographs, we can help you watermark them with your company logo and ensure they have the (all rights reserved) wording inserted to prevent unauthorized use of your photography. The All Rights Reserved notice can help with branding your images too if you allow sharing with accreditation. Learn more about Graphic Design Services.

custom application development for a houston business

app development

Need an app developer to work with a web designer? Houston companies are covered. Creative HTX has the in-house expertise to design and develop apps to build on the brand awareness and style guides of the web design we develop and implement. Learn more about Houston App Development.

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Branding and rebranding

Our team has hands-on experience across a broad range of website design and marketing campaigns. Every service we offer can be combined to include both digital and print services. Learn more about our Houston Branding Agency.

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print and production

Our Houston web design team collaborates with a local print house to bring together cohesive brand kits, including sales brochures, look-books, catalogs/brochures, fully-branded stationery, and custom swag items for a small business or growing enterprise to use for marketing at offline events. We also offer photography and video production services. Learn more about our Print and Design Services.

Business starts with a website

We offer a simple 4 stage plan for a new startup business as well as existing companies that want to refresh their brand identity. Design / Build / Create / Promote.

Design your brand

We begin the creative process but designing your identity and branding that includes logos and stationary.

build your website

Once your branding is complete we further express your brand identity and your content for web presence.


Based on your target audience, we develop and implement accounts and materials for all your social profiles.


rank locally

The foundation for a solid SEO campaign and strategy is in place, and we begin to build local search ranking.

website design

WordPress based responsive website design made SEO ready for clients that want to communicate their services.

digital marketing

Our SEO Agency is a proven leader in the web design marketing space serving clients in many industries.

Graphic Design

It all begins with imagination, from an icon or logo representing a goal and vision, we offer complete graphic services.

app development

We create custom apps for small businesses to improve business processes and quality for local clients.

seo marketing

Email marketing needs to lead to traffic. We offer clients monthly packages to their company website rank on Google.

local seo

We help local small businesses rank on search engines for their key terms, and niche services.

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